Ensenada STM--We leave tomorrow!!


My name Amy Tuey and I am writing and sharing about the team's experience working with local missionaries in Mexico this weekend! This will be the second STM to Ensenada. We will be leaving for Ensenada on Friday in the afternoon and return on Sunday (May 26-28). The team consists of 5 people: Jonathan Sheu, Xristian Escala, Oscar Tsai, Ty Tuey, and myself.

We're all super excited to be serving the local communities this weekend! The members of our team are coming from several different backgrounds. Some have served on short term missions before and for others, this will be their first international short term mission! Personally, I have served on 2 STM to Costa Rica over the last two summers. God has been so gracious because these trips have stirred in me a heart for the Latinx population. I absolutely love serving this community and can't wait for this weekend. Praise God for the opportunities He gives us!

In Ensenada, we will be joining other churches from Southern California and missionaries in Ensenada to share the Gospel and serve the local communities. We will be hosting events for the local families where they can receive free clothing, bike restoration, and lunch, as well as play games with the children while sharing the Gospel to them.

We really want to use this mission as a way to support and encourage the long term missionaries in Ensenada. Our hope is that we can engage with the local communities and use our interactions with them to express the love that we have for God's people and the love that He has for them as well. Recently, I've been reading devotions on loving others so I'll leave you with this beautiful verse!

"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends."   John 15: 12-13

Personally, it has been a little difficult for me to prepare my busy heart to serve this weekend. I am in my first year of college at UCSD. UCSD still has 3 weeks left of school and this week was a pretty rough one. A lot of midterms and assignments have been draining me physically, mentally, and spiritually. So this passage from my devotion had perfect God-planned timing. I read it one morning before class and just needed to stop and take a breath before beginning my day. It reminded me of the love that I have inside me because of God's good grace and the power that I have to share it among His people. Thanks God for reaching out to me this week and for giving me the chance to go on the mission trip. I will definitely be holding onto this piece of understanding this weekend! 

So....enough about me! Here's some prayer requests before going into the weekend!!!

Team prayer requests:

  • Pray for a safe trip and stay in Ensenada
  • Pray that our hearts will be prepared to serve in whatever opportunities God provides
  • Pray for physical energy as this previous school week has been draining for the team
  • Pray for courageous hearts to share the Gospel and patience when schedules change

In Him,

Amy Tuey