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Creative Services by The Cultivation Project


A production service that brings light to the experiences of God’s laborers as they plant seeds of the Gospel around the world.


A production service that highlights the stories of salvation, transformation, and growth in the journeys of God's people. 



Introducing: Sowing Seeds Subscription Service

The Cultivation Project offers a video editing service to help create monthly video updates for missionary families and teams. Simply upload any photos or videos from the past month of your ministry and our professional team of video editors will create 1-2 minute video stories for you every month to be used for updates for your supporters. Enhance the communication with your supporters and connect with a new generation of prayer warriors through our Sowing Seeds service.

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Featured Sowing Seeds Film

Context: This video is a custom Sowing Seeds documentary intended to help a church congregation understand the role and impact of a missionary team which they support.


More Examples of Custom Sowing Seeds Productions:

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Ordinary People

by the cultivation project


Selected Ordinary People Film


Types of Ordinary People Services:

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1) Church Congregation Testimonies

  • Encouraging fellow Christians to be bold in sharing how the Gospel has transformed their lives

  • Promoting transparency and further sharing within church congregants

  • Praising God for the ways He cares for and loves Christians amidst trials

2) Documentaries of Christian organizations & Businesses

  • Ideal for "About Us" videos: Customers and donors can get to know more about the organization and company's vision through the volunteers, staff, and  employees
  • Also ideal for promotional videos to raise awareness about the organization and company's work and mission

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