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Creative Services by The Cultivation Project


A production service that brings light to the experiences of God’s laborers as they plant seeds of the Gospel around the world.


A production service that highlights the stories of salvation, transformation, and growth in the journeys of God's people. 



How our Video services works:

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Types of Sowing Seeds Services:

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Ordinary People

by the cultivation project


Selected Ordinary People Film


Types of Ordinary People Services:

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1) Church Congregation Testimonies

  • Encouraging fellow Christians to be bold in sharing how the Gospel has transformed their lives

  • Promoting transparency and further sharing within church congregants

  • Praising God for the ways He cares for and loves Christians amidst trials

2) Documentaries of Christian organizations & Businesses

  • Ideal for "About Us" videos: Customers and donors can get to know more about the organization and company's vision through the volunteers, staff, and  employees
  • Also ideal for promotional videos to raise awareness about the organization and company's work and mission

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