Thailand STM — 5.22.17

Hello Friends! 

To be honest, nothing spectacular has occurred or changed since I last updated this blog. Compared to the one other mission trip I have served on (a two week STM to Costa Rica last summer), this mission is slower. I am not participating in three separate ministries in a 24 hour period or am constantly on vans going to different locations. But, slower does not mean more ineffective or inefficient. Slower in this case means time to rest during the day when the students are at school. Slower means time for self-reflection on the lessons I've been learning. Slower means having ample time to spend with God. 

Raining season brings bugs and humidity, but the rainbows make up for them! 

Some notable things that have happened since last week:

  • Arbae broke his leg, went to the hospital, and was released a few days later
  • Baoyui took me to a street market (I rode on a motor bike for the first time!)

  • Students from Grace International School came to play English learning activities with the kids at Mango House

  • I had various quality conversations with some of the older girls and guys and am continuing to build relationships with them

  • I've been teaching an English class to some of the high schoolers four days a week

On Friday night, I was able to meet up with Auntie Grace, David, Auntie Jen, and her five kids. We had a delicious dinner at a very pretty outdoor restaurant. My parents knew both families from Chicago, and Auntie Grace put me into contact with Pastor Danny. I had the privilege to hear from both women about how God is using them here in Chiang Mai. After dinner, I went home with Auntie Grace and David, and we had a very blessed time sharing and conversing.    

Auntie Grace is on my left and Auntie Jen is on my right

Amidst the various conversations I've been having is the theme of God's sovereignty and how there are no coincidences. Often, we go into confusing and difficult situations with only faith in God to guide us. The important thing to remember is that God has the full picture and we might never receive answers or they will only be revealed at a later point. Our job right now is to be good and FAITHFUL servants and continually trust in God. God will open and close doors. God will provide affirmations and moment of serendipity. God will always remain loving, just, and unchanging. As a college student who constantly wants answers and is uncertain about her future, knowing these truths and building my life on these as a foundation is an imperative step in living my life out of faith. 

My current prayer requests are for:

  • Arbae and other sick kids to continue healing 
  • Overall good health for myself, other missionaries, staff, and kids 
  • My heart to continue to be molded after God
  • Being patient and listening to God 
  • Allowing grace to permeate my life

In Him,