Thailand STM — 5.12.17

Wednesday started nice and early at the San Diego Airport. My mom drove me there, and they let her into the gate past security to be with me! I didn't know that was even possible, but it was definitely a God-given action because it helped alleviate many anxieties I was facing.

Quick photo before boarding

My first flight was a two hour flight to San Fransisco. After a short layover, I took a 13 hour flight from San Fransisco to Seoul, Korea. Another short layover later, I had another 5 hour flight. After losing a day from traveling, I finally arrived in Chiang Mai! I was greeted by Auntie Grace (a family friend from Chicago who put me in contact with Mango House) and Pastor Danny.

Auntie Grace has known me since I was born! 

On the car ride from the airport to Mango House, Pastor Danny gave me more information about Mango House and the culture here. A few prominent things that he said were: Mango House doesn't fit the westernized view of an orphanage, children are frequently born out of wedlock and are raised by the villages, children born of wedlock are often subject to abuse and are very vulnerable, and the education system fails the children and doesn't help them get out of the poverty cycle.

The next morning, I met so many people! N'Mai is a Thai local who got a scholarship through Mango House for college, and she chose to stay here. She helps lead alongside Pastor Danny, and lives here. The ages range from college students who help lead and the youngest being Kiki (I believe he is 6 years old). 

Kiki being silly with a mango peel

I showed the kids the flutes and the recorders, and they continually impress me with their musical skills. On day 1, an older girl was already helping Kiki learn! I allowed all ages to use the recorders (I showed them how to care for them on the first day), and it warms my heart to hear them playing even when I'm not there. I've been teaching some of the older girls and guys flute, and two girls particularly really enjoy it and are catching on! In return, they've been teaching me drums. 

It amazes me how smoothly Mango House runs. They take turns with cleaning and cooking meals, and no one needs to prompt them to do their chores. They all help each other and are attentive during devotions and math class. After talking with Pastor Danny and Sara (a missionary from LA who is here for 9 months), I realized how my purpose right now is being relational. Many know some English, so communication isn't as rough as I thought it would be. When I contacted Pastor Danny initially, I told him I want to be a vessel and to help in any way I can. I'm slowly seeing what that entails in the next few weeks.

I’m looking forward to what the next few week look like. I’m definitely learning a lot already, and I’m sure I will continue to receive so much. Here are my current prayer requests:

  • Pray that I will be submissive and obedient to God with whatever He commands me to do in the future.
  • Pray for disparities between emotions, thoughts, and actions (specifically regarding faith).
  • Pray that all of my actions will reflect Christ.

In Him,