The Cultivation Project: Who We Are


Thank you for stopping by our site! As a newly minted organization, please read on to learn more about who we are, what we hope to accomplish, and why we do what we do.

Who We Are:

The Cultivation Project is a response to a conviction from God that placed on Cameron's (our President & founder) heart, to use his gifts in photography and videography to further God's kingdom. We are a non-profit Christian media organization that wants to use modern visual media to tell the stories of Christian missionaries and ministries around the world and ultimately, give all the glory to God.

Our Mission:

As a non-profit organization, The Cultivation Project seeks to cultivate a new generation of missional Christians by bringing light to real people with real stories.

How We Want To Accomplish This:

1. SOWING SEEDS - Sowing Seeds features God's laborers as they plant seeds of the Gospel around the world and the stories of their ministry experiences. We want to partner with Christian missionaries to produce these videos to better inform, educate, & inspire other Christians to pray for or potentially go on missions one day. 

2. ORDINARY PEOPLE - The Ordinary People project seeks to highlight the stories of salvation, transformation, and growth that people experience as they walk with God. God has equipped each of us uniquely and we all have a story that is worth sharing. We hope these videos will promote deeper community and sharing, so that both Christians and non-Christians can be encouraged and uplifted by the stories they see/hear while they personally journey with God. 

3. MISSIONS NETWORK - We want to better connect and ease communication between missionaries and their supporters by creating a centralized missions network. This missions network will be a hub where missionaries can safely share blogs, prayer requests, ministry updates, crowdfunding campaigns, pictures, and videos conveniently as they labor for the Lord's Kingdom. We also want to better involve supporters and prayer warriors at home, by allowing them to view updates and even give directly to missionaries through the missions network.

Hear from our President!

To see our full Premiere Night presentation, which contains more details about our three major projects, please watch the video below:

We Want You! How To Get Involved:

We hope to raise $50,000 by June 2017 in order to kickstart our projects and organization. As of today, we have successfully raised 45.1% of our fundraising goal. The Cultivation Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which means all donations are considered tax-exempt. 

As our faith community, we humbly ask if you will consider supporting us through prayer and/or financial means. We thank God for your presence and hope to have you as an involved supporter as we continue to grow as an organization!

If you would like to donate or make a pledge towards our organization, please visit our donation page!

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THANK YOU for your support & for reading! We can't wait to bring you more new content and also to get to know your own story one day too :) 

In Him,
Cameron & The Cultivation Project Team