India STM 2017 - Reflection

This is my fourth year going to India, but God still had much to surprise me with. Perhaps I underestimated God's transcending power. As I rest in Korea before going home, there are a few things God reminds me of from my India mission. Each year, I am told that our team's goal is to reach as many unreached people in India as possible. Anyone who hasn't heard the gospel is our main objective. Even so, there are times where we meet faithful Christians and at those moments, I am grateful and humbled and yet, if I meet too many followers, I feel as if I have not fulfilled God's calling for me.


A glimpse of worship in India


This year, the Hanumangahr team primarily went to Christian homes, conversing and praying with them. I could see the irritation on my team members' faces. We all hoped to share the gospel to non-believers, but our Pastor continuously brought us to homes of faithful Christians. It's at these moments of bitterness and discontent does God break down walls. As I went through time and time again asking God for more opportunities to reach out to the unreached, I noticed that there is more to God's Great Commission than simply sharing the gospel to the unreached. A pivotal part of the Great Commission is also sharpening one another, preparing other faithful Christians to share the good news to those who have not heard it. Jesus did not only call out the non-believers. He had many disciples follow him as he taught and trained future missionaries.

The past three years I traveled to India, God led me to meet many lost brothers and sisters and share the beautiful story of Jesus Christ. From those years, I have witnessed many new believers become God-seeking disciples who go village from village proclaiming the good news. My fourth year, unlike the rest, was a time to train, encourage, and bless those who have decided to fully commit to Christ. One family, in particular, stood out to me. A mother, father, son, and daughter all came to know Christ early in their lives. Having been so moved by the Spirit, all four packed their bags and moved to Hanumangahr to serve the lost souls. Before the transition, they lived in a populous city in India, full of life and pleasure. Even so, they grab hold of God's plans and left everything they had to reach the unreached. Meeting them, I found myself so joyful in God's love for this family. Even in the persecution that is evident in India, this family committed everything they had to the Lord. I am simply on this mission trip for a couple weeks, but this family's life has become the mission.


People saying goodbye!


I praise God that even in my weakness, there are brothers and sisters who have plenty of strength in the Lord. Missions are not simply a time of rescue and saving. A mission, God's mission, is leading every nation to become more like Christ. Although the number of nonbelievers we met this year were few, I know God was pleased to see that His faithful servants, from both India and America, could come together to return His sons and daughters to the kingdom. I am so broken and weak, but my God's plans and will overcome all my burdens and weaknesses. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us since day one and I hope that this final verse can be an encouragement to all your endeavors in the Lord and His calling for you. "You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." 2 Timothy 2:1‭-‬2 ESV May we all be servants of Christ, whether at home or in a far off place. Thanks for the love and I hope to see many of you join the team to India next year.

God Bless, Mary Kim

India STM 2017Mary Kim