3 Day count down until leaving for SEA!


My name is Hannah and I am a Bay Area local and forever a lover of the Bay. I had a crazy love encounter with God 7 years ago and since then have been asking the Lord day to day how I can enter into a deeper intimacy with Him. One important way of pursuing intimacy with the Lord has been absolute surrender. There are only three days left until Alex and I leave for southeast Asia and I have to confess that the past couple of weeks have been me having to surrender everything to God time and time again. Preparing for this trip has been very hard for me, harder than any trip I've been to in the past. I know for sure that my team and I will be needing a lot of prayer to cover us when we step foot in southeast Asia because the enemy already knows that we are coming to share the good news and there being resistance is a given. I've been so encouraged by those that have dedicated themselves to praying for our team because I know that these prayers are already winning battles, opening doors, and paving the way for us even before our arrival!

I am super excited to share with you the theme of our trip: Simplicity Observing Sincerity. Pastor Paul, the founder of 4CM noticed in SEA during his vision trip a sincere hunger for the Lord and the pure Gospel. This reminded Pastor Paul of his first love encounter with God when it was just about the Gospel and nothing else. SOS is a call for us to return back to the power of the simple gospel that shows the sincere love of God for us. How great it is to be reminded of our first love that came from understanding that Jesus Christ died on the cross for ME. The simple gospel has changed my life and I have full confidence that it will change so many more!