East Asia 2017 - Two Days Until Taiwan!

Dear Family, Friends & Supporters, 

In two days, Josephine Sheu, Oscar Tsai, and I will begin a 27 day journey to capture and create four Sowing Seeds documentaries of multiple missionary families and ministries in Taiwan and China. We will be partnering with Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego (CECSD) and Renewal Missions for this trip. 

Trip Overview:

November 27 - December 14


In Taiwan, Josephine, Oscar and I will be living with and shadowing three separate CECSD supported missionary families in order to create in-depth documentaries of their lifestyle, missions work, and community impact. Ultimately, we hope that these documentaries can be used to build more support for the missions work being done in Taiwan and educate others who are potentially interested in serving in Taiwan. 

After our crew lands in Taipei, we will spend a couple of days adjusting to jet lag before heading south to our first missionary family, Jeremy & Ruth Hsu, who serve in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We will then film and shadow their ministry for three full days before moving on to the next missionary family, Mark & Ruth Harbour, who serve in Chiayi, Taiwan. After another three full days of filming and shadowing, my team will transition to the last missionary family, Alex & Kristi Tan, who serve in Taichung, Taiwan. 

December 14 - December 23

From there, my team will head back to Taipei for a couple of days to rest up. On December 14, Josephine will head back to the United States as Oscar and I take a short flight to Shanghai to meet up with our partners from Renewal Missions. Oscar and I will film and capture the story of the transformative ministry being done to orphans with disabilities through Renewal Missions' efforts throughout the past five years. To see more information on the Renewal Missions team, please visit their blog network page here. 


Prayer Requests:

1. Physical Strength & Health: Please pray for good health and energy throughout the entire trip. We will be carrying around lots of heavy gear everyday and will be using our nights to offload footage and prepare for the next day. Fatigue can be one of the most subtle forms of spiritual warfare on these type of missions trips, so please pray for our well-being and strength!

2. Blessings to the Missionaries: The Cultivation Project is designed and focused on bettering communication between missionaries and their supporters. Please pray that the documentaries that we will be making for the missionaries and ministries will help bring more light, prayers, financial support, laborers and blessings to the work being done in East Asia. 

3. Creativity: Since we are creating documentaries, a good majority of our filming will be done on the fly without any opportunities to prepare. Please pray that our team will maintain a high level of creativity and that we will rely on the Spirit's guidance throughout each filming session. 

4. Glory to God: As always, please pray that all of our work will bring glory to God. Pray that we will never lose sight of this throughout our time overseas. 

Thank you for your prayers and support! Please continue to check in on our main blog page to keep up with our team's progress.

In Christ,
Cameron Kuey


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