My First Blog Post! Heading off to East Asia Next Week :)

Hello Friends and Family! 

Wow this is my VERY first blog post on the cultivation project to help share my ministry journey and to let you guys know how you can pray for me and see what God is doing overseas. :) 


For my first blog, I just want to let you all know how you can pray for me! 

First off, there's a lot of peace with leaving and moving to Shanghai. The timing and opportunity has been really opportune. I really feel called to pastoring right now but cannot believe God has allowed me to pair pastoring with cross cultural ministry so perfectly. PTL!!

Here are my Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the Church Fellowship I will be Serving at. I think I'm now struggling with fears of the unknown and the details of how life might be like when I move over there, The main prayer request with this is to continue to trust and pray that God is moving before me and with the fellowship I will be serving at! This church has so far sounded very loving and a great community to be a part of as I serve as Youth Pastor. Please pray that the Holy Spirit really goes before me and continues to bless and transform these youth kids and church before I even get there. Please pray that I am focused and loving with Christ love when I finally do arrive.   
  • Continual Prayer for a Smooth Transition. As I continue to say my goodbyes, I have been wrestling with the sadness of leaving my family and friends. I think a big blessing is how much I've been praying and spending time in the Word to cling closer to God through this. Please pray for a good balance of meet ups, time with family and preparation.
  • Continual Prayer for My Relationship with God. I think there is a temptation to feel doubt and inadequacy with the future expectations I have for myself and from the church I will be serving at. Please pray that I cling tightly to God first and foremost and that I create a good balance of rest and space as I meet new people and minister to them. Also that I give myself plenty of GRACE as I make this move and as I DEFINITELY will make mistakes. 

I think the hope is to finish these last few days off well in SD and to just enjoy my time here before I leave! It's hard to shed a tear when there's still so much time to enjoy San Diego and say my good byes!! 

Feel free to send me prayer requests and updates on your life!! I promise I will respond to catch up with you ASAP

Your Brother and Friend,

Austin Lim 

Austin LimAustin Lim