Nepal STM 2017 — taking off in two weeks!!

Hi Everyone!

This is Anna Ger, writing on behalf of the 2017 Nepal STM team sent through Bread of Life Church-Torrance. We have a total of 10 team members this year from both LA and SD. We will also be meeting my sister in the field, who has been on a mid-term mission. 

This will be my 5th time going to Nepal and I will be leading the team as we prepare to go. We've been blessed to be able to sustain this mission trip since 2013, experiencing firsthand how the ministry has grown. About 1/3 of our team are alumni, 1/3 have been on mission trips before, and 1/3 are experiencing their first mission trip! 

A brief recap of the four years:

  • God has used our team as a source of encouragement to the local missionaries, one of our primary reasons for continuing to go.
  • The Nepali people have been gracious in receiving us into their lives and homes every year.
  • We started primarily with street evangelism and teaching at colleges. Each year, we have seen the ministry grow to include more local Nepali coworkers and newly baptized students. The nature of ministry has changed as well, with the introduction of the institute and expansion to other cities. Currently, the local missionaries serve with Nepali coworkers in: Kathmandu, Lumbini, & Sankhu

What we'll be doing:

  • home visitations and street evangelism
  • discipleship training
  • English teaching at universities and in the local organization's institutes
  • guitar teaching
  • daily living and forming relationships
  • supporting the local co-workers

What our team has been up to:

  • Two weeks ago we completed our last training (of two) and will be continuing to prepare before our send-off (June 29th)
  • Our team has been preparing English teaching, discipleship training, testimony sharing, crafts, games, worship leading, and guitar teaching

How you can pray:

  • Please pray for team unity, physical/spiritual strength, and boldness 
  • Pray for bonds to form with the Nepali people and receptive hearts
  • Pray for the local co-workers
  • Pray for final logistics and preparations
  • Pray for God's work to be accomplished and for a deeper understanding of the needs of the Nepali

We are taking off in a short two weeks and can't wait to share with you how God is working in Nepal!

Thank you so much!

In Christ,


Nepal STM 2017Anna Ger