Taiwan STM MBCLA 2017

Crystal Kwok, MBCLA

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The MBCLA Taiwan Team

Mandarin Baptist Church of Los Angeles

July 3 - July 16, 2017

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Team Size: 26

"We will be holding a leadership camp that will provide opportunities to build relationships with the college and graduate students attending and helping, and hopefully share the gospel with them. We will be integrating gospel elements, such as "servant leadership", into the lectures in the camp. This will hopefully allow for more conversations during our small group discussions about this culture and how it is different than what the world tells us, and eventually lead to conversations about how we live for the gospel and inviting them to accept Christ.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Team unity : We haven't been able to meet as a whole team yet, considering a small chunk of our team is in the Bay Area, and I've been in Norcal quite a few times for weddings and an engagement, so please pray for us!
  2. Physical strength (at least for myself, the poor weak soul): I've been dealing with some stress and fatigue due to work and other minor health concerns, more so this last month, so please pray for me!  I'm sure many of us will be extremely tired from the humidity, full days of activities, and being with the students, so please pray for God to give us physical and spiritual strength as we seek out opportunities to share and live out the gospel.
  3. Taiwan students and helpers: Please pray that God open and ready their hearts for the gospel, the great news of God's grace, in whatever situation they are in.  NTHU is one of the more prestigious schools in Taiwan, so many of them are often stressed and burdened by the pressure to do well from the world and from their family.  Also, some of our helpers from the university are not Christian, but were previous students in our camp. 
  4. Boldness: Ultimately, please pray that God be glorified as we labor together.  Please pray that God be glorified through our actions as witnesses and through boldness in sharing the gospel.
  5. Spiritual warfare: Our team has had a few instances of spiritual warfare, and I'm not sure if you consider my fatigue in the last month spiritual warfare, but please pray for us."

 - Crystal Kwok, Team Member & Blog Writer

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