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June 25 - July 13, 2015

This summer, Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego (CEC) will be sending a team of 15 short-term missionaries to Taiwan with the purposes of:

  1. Organizing, leading and teaching two, one-week long Children's English Summer Camps at a church that was started from Vision 119. 
  2. Helping Chinese Evangelical Church grow in their mission experience within Chinese and Taiwanese culture. 
  3. Assisting and furthering Vision 119

In order to go on this missions trip, each team member must raise at least $1,900 to cover airfare, housing, summer camp fees, meals and other accommodations by June 15th. A detailed breakdown of our budget can be found below:

Taiwan missions - $1900 budget breakdown

Cameron Kuey of The Cultivation Project will arrive in Taiwan a week before the rest of the team in order to film and interview churches, supporters and missionaries who are working on Send International's Vision 119. Cameron's agenda is to create a documentary that can give people a better perspective of the Taiwanese culture, communities, and churches, to the people back in the United States. 

In addition to the costs listed above, The Cultivation Project heavily relies on funds from supporters to fund filmmaking equipment, travel gear and production costs. If you are interested in partnering or supporting the CEC Taiwan Team and/or The Cultivation Project through prayer and/or financial support, please click on the link below:

Click Here to Financially Support CEC's Taiwan Team

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