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Writing a Blog:

  1. Click on this link to write a new blog (feel free to add it to your bookmarks).

  2. Log in to your guest account

  3. After successfully logging in, the following window should appear:


4. Change the blog title to your team name and the date or a subtitle. (i.e. Costa Rica STM 2015 - 7.12.15 OR Costa Rica STM 2015 - We have landed!)

5. Begin writing your blog update in the main box that says "Write here..."

6. After writing your blog, click on "Category" and choose your team. You may have to scroll up and down to find your category (i.e. Costa Rica STM 2015).


7. Switch to the "options" tab on the top right of the window.


8. Select yourself as the author (if your name is not listed, please let us know).

9. Upload an image to the "Thumbnail Image" (if possible).

10. Once you are happy with your blog, press "Save & Publish" on the bottom right of the window. 


Final Notes:

1.  Please contact us to request any changes for your team's main profile. 

2. Every time you save and publish a blog post, we will share your post on our social media sites and weekly newsletter. 

3. Please contact us ( if you have any questions or difficulties. 


Terms of Use

At any given time, The Cultivation Project has the right to edit, alter, or remove any content that may go against our mission, values, or statement of faith. The Cultivation Project blog network is reserved for missions trips and related events and any blog posts, photos or videos that are not relevant may be subject to removal.