Costa Rica STM 2017

Doris Yeung, CECSD

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Costa Rica STM Details

Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego

July 22 - August 5, 2017

Team Size: 8

Our purpose in going to Costa Rica is to continue partnering in the work of long-term missionaries there. In whatever situation we find ourselves, we hope to share the hope we have through Jesus Christ. For part of this trip, our team leaders will be teaching lessons about how God's Word (the Bible) gives our lives meaningful purpose and hope when we fail because our ultimate hope is in the complete, perfect work of Jesus. The rest of the team will be leading games, crafts, and activities to help students understand the lessons so they would hopefully believe this good news. Though we know that as a short term trip our immediate impact may not be very large, we trust that God will use the time and resources to further His Kingdom.

Prayer Requests: 

  1. Wisdom: for the team leaders (Ricky & Louis) and the missionaries in leading the trip and making decisions
  2. Loving one another: for team members (Crystal, Ian, Josh, Oscar, Lily, and I) to be humble and loving in our interactions with each other, so that we would not turn people away from God's message of love. This is not something we can do out of our own ability- there are so many personalities and different ways of doing things that conflict is bound to happen. Please please pray that we would be willing to look over differences, confront one another with forgiveness in mind, and ultimately put other's before ourselves.
  3. Ready hearts: We know that we do not have the power to change hearts, so we pray that God would show grace to the people we meet in Costa Rica and open their eyes that they would hear and see His love for them and believe. We also pray for our hearts, that we would be open to how God uses us in Costa Rica, and that we would be obedient to share good news and go out of our way to demonstrate Christ's love to them.

- Doris Yeung, Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego

Facts about Costa Rica

Self-Identified Religious Groups of Costa Rica
  • "While Catholicism is no doubt the prevalent religion, the country is considered one of the most secular in Latin America. Only 45% of Catholics describe themselves as practicing, and the rest are essentially Catholic by default – their parents are Catholic, and they themselves were baptized Catholic. Non-practicing Catholics attend Mass only for the high holidays (Christmas and Easter), and for Sacraments like baptism, first communion, confirmation, and marriage."
  • Average Gross National Income: $6,810 (per capita)
  • Literacy Rate of Costa Ricans 15 years or older: 95%


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